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Smart people

In the era of smart manufacturing with ever-increasing use of artificial intelligence, collaborative robots, automation and digitalisation, how to maintain humans’ leadership position is a challenge.

Illustration with people

XPRES places human-centricity in the research agenda to empower future operators with four enhanced human abilities, i.e. by:

  • augmented robot such as an exoskeleton to perform durable tasks beyond one’s physical limit with consistent work accuracy
  • extra cognitive system to advise the operator for global optimal decision-making
  • mixed reality such as augmented reality and digital twin to see not only what is invisible now but also what may happen in the future, and
  • co-intelligence to empower the operator using the full potential of artificial and human intelligence.

A futuristic perspective [1] of smart people is exemplified by the diagram below using (5) brain-controlled robots to assist (6) human-centric assembly. With the four enhanced human abilities, the aim is to energise, advise, support and empower (EASE) a human operator physically and intellectually.

illustration showing a futuristic perspective on human-centric assembly
L. Wang, "A Futuristic Perspective on Human-Centric Assembly," Journal of Manufacturing Systems, Vol.62, pp.199-201, 2022.